When providing a consultation, the primary focus is attention to detail and careful study of all components of the selected service. Ahk DahYoud places the greatest importance on carefully exploring the astrological, numerological and symbolic indicators within Tarot to provide a full scope of information to each querent. Most services provided include a video to allow for querent to refer to information and to reflect on it when necessary. This allows for a deeper, more interactive and powerful reading. Video conferencing and written reports are also available as an alternative.
This is an exhaustive 40 page vedic astrology report that includes, divisional charts, planetary and house interpretations, planetary time period (dashas) and more. This will be sent as a pdf file and is not a reading. The time, place and date of birth is required to get your personal astrology report.

A numerology report is generated based on the full name and date of birth of a querent. This report includes your birthday, life path, expression, personality, heart’s desire and karmic numbers.

A 3 card reading examining the Sun, Moon, Ascendant aspects regarding a single query / issue. This reading covers current astrological transits and numerological analysis. 

An 11 card multifaceted reading focusing on the divine aspects of creation emanating out from the Limitless Light, down through the Crown and into the Kingdom revealing the outcome regarding a specific query/issue.
$125.00   $108.00
A 5 card examination of the vital elements contained in the atmosphere regarding a particular query/issue. This reading covers current astrological transits and numerological analysis.

A 17 card comprehensive Tarotscope forecasting the condition and impact of the 12 houses on the Wheel of Life specific to a current cycle, query or issue. This reading illuminates the energies that are influencing an outcome. 

$215.00   $170.00
An 8 card evaluation of the planetary hierarchy, revealing the influence emanating into the current circumstance regarding a specific query/issue. This reading covers current astrological transits and numerological analysis.
A service that considers the personal astrology chart of the querent, Tarot and numerology, to provide individual guidance and counselling. Includes in-depth reading and 4 week ongoing support. Excellent service for those who are lacking direction or prior to making major life decisions. Considers critical factors such as auspicious timing and planetary influence to maximise success.

$350.00   $260
This taroscope is for revelations regarding a second individual: whether it is a romantic, business or personal relationship; this will reveal the strengths, weaknesses and obstacles that might need to be worked through for a successful outcome. This divination investigates the synastry of the two individuals in question by consulting the tarot and horoscope for both offering a complete and accurate interpretation of your compatibility in regard to the current tranists both are going through. Delivered by video.